From blues to post-rock and spoken word, Iranian group Bomrani continues their stylistic evolution on the latest studio album.

Bomrani’s 5th studio album (or 6th including one unofficial release) called “Ehtemalan Ghahremani Dar Kar Nist” (Probably There Is No Hero) was published this summer – right after their first live album.

Retrospectively, music of Bomrani has changed from an energetic and joyous country-blues-circus-gypsy style to a slower gloomy electro-acoustic sound, which still sounds bluesy sometimes, and always has a bluesy mood. They’ve also kept their energy in their live performances as we can hear on “Bomrani Live in Tehran”.

The theme of the songs has changed as well. The new album has more social themes compared to Bomrani’s previous efforts. Their songs are generally about the concerns and disquiets of the young urban middle-class. Considering the current economic, social and political crisis of the country, the unhappy social themes of the songs is more understandable.

The vocals on most of the songs, especially on “As Pisham Naro!” (Don’t leave me!), have turned to spoken-words. The main instrument is an electric piano and keyboards while it used to be guitars. All these changes are part of this mood and style change in a way that the new album generally sounds post-rock.

Stream “Ehtemalan Ghahremani Dar Kar Nist” LP on Spotify and Soundcloud.


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