Boogarins are a band from Goiânia, Goiás, that started to draw attention in 2013. Their debut album, “As plantas que curam”, was first released in the United States. And it was only afterwards that the band began to be talked about in Brazil.

In the end of 2015 they released their second album called “Manual ou guia livre de dissolução dos sonhos”, and this time the work was released inside and outside of Brazil.

The sound of Boogarins is very psychedelic, with lysergic guitars that seem to float in space together with delicate vocals of Fernando “Dinho” Almeida. Their songs are to listen and to travel – literally.

“6000 dias” is the second single from the record. This song is like a dream that seems normal in the beginning, but then gets totally crazy. And the lyrics are crazy too. But maybe we can interpret it as speaking of someone who cares about being something rather than having something.

The video for “6000 dias”, directed by Cléver Cardoso, presents a series of images from Boogarins’ recent tour around North America. Have a good trip.

You can stream “Manual ou guia livre de dissolução dos sonhos” LP in its entirety on YouTube.


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