Sarajevo’s native Adis Kutkut a.k.a. Billain (a.k.a. Aethek) has been bursting with his talents for twenty years now, since he was a teenager.

He’s been into graffiti art, hip-hop (both as renowned producer and shortly even as a rapper), techno, drawing, sound design, DJ-ing… in short, the guy is a natural born ARTIST. Yet throughout most of the time, his beloved music genre was drum’n’bass/breakbeat/bass music.

He became known and respected worldwide in the genre thanks to everlasting experimental/exploring approach combined with vigorous production skills. It results in moving the boundaries of the genre(s) to places called neurofunk, cyberpunk, and other still-not-named subgenres, with sound design that is often remindful of some outer space-based events and adventures. He even creates images of those places and events, alongside with his visual/animation collaborators from all over the planet. So, bear in mind that there’s a significant visual side of Billain too.

2022 marked some pretty important events on his ongoing artistic path. Billain released a new album, three years after the last one, and he also finished production of his sci-fi animated movie Fugitive. Some reviews of “Lands Unbreached” describe the album with terms like: industrial, drum’n’bass, glitch, dirty bass, out of time beats, ambient, epic, speed&fury, slow&heavy, loud&soft, tour-de-force, absurdly huge album.

Add to it: uncompromising, skillful, futuristic, out of this world, sound design delight, 90-minute showcase of diverse yet complementary music elements bounded in author’s vison and concept. If there are aliens dressed as humans on Earth, Billain is among the suspects. Try to enter his world(s). It could be quite an experience.

Stream Billain “Lands Unbreached” LP on Spotify.

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