Ana Cañas

Ana Cañas is a São Paulo-based singer whose career has primarily moved around MPB, or Brazilian popular music. But recently she released her fourth studio album, “Tô na vida” – available on YouTube – that’s an interesting step forward in her journey.

On “Tô na vida”, Ana has become more visceral, heavily influenced by the 70’s, perhaps we could say that she released her soft rock record. The first single off this new phase of Ana Cañas is the album’s eponymous song, a confession of someone who does not want to lose the loved one.

While “Tô na vida” (which could be translated as “I’m in life”) brings a gripping performance from Ana as the singer, she has also co-directed the clip – in partnership with Philippe Noguchi.

In the black-and-white video, she interprets the lyrics by constantly changing her look. Only that. A simple idea to a simple song. But behind this simplicity we can find a charming beauty.


Photo credit: Natália Britos

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