In 1943, the Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann took his bike and left his laboratory for home after ingesting a dose of LSD of his own creation. In 2015, the Brazilian musician Julito Cavalcante led a band called Bike to release their first album titled “1943” – a homage to the scientist.

As you could expect, the record is highly psychedelic. Eight songs to expand your mind, with themes revolving around hallucinations, astral travel, other dimensions, fiction… and the list goes on and on. All of it based on the experiences of Julito Cavalcante.

With guitars recalling the 1960s, melodies loaded with psychedelia and lyrics that are apparently a result of a lysergic trip, the song “1943” opens the record with the cosmic energy that will stay with us until the very last second of the album. Give it a spin, and bon voyage.

Stream “1943” in its entirety here.


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