Duda Brack

One of the most intriguing voices in the new Brazilian music scene, the 21 years old singer-songwriter Duda Brack recently released an album that will be an obvious contender for this year’s best-of lists.

Titled “É” and available in its entirety on Soundcloud, her new 7-track combines clear song structures with complete artistic freedom, local influences with rock’n’roll, beauty with raw energy.

The second song off the record, “Vaza”, seems to belongs to the first group and is certainly one of the album’s highlights. But if not for a single guitar riff in the middle, it would be just a 3-minute wave of delicate melody, background voice loop and a sensitive beat.

It shows the young artist’s great talent to put you into a trance with just a few repeated bars. But it’s also another example that in art, sometimes you get more by deducting rather than adding.


Duda Brack on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, www.

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