Gisele De Santi e Apanhador Só

“Ou não” is a result of the partnership between the singer Gisele De Santi and the Porto Alegre band Apanhador Só. This union brings a beautiful work that manages to convey the best of both artists.

A singer with a sweet voice, Gisele De Santi wanders through different elements of Brazilian music. Apanhador Só’s indie rock is famous of bold sound and edgy compositions.

The lyrics of “Ou não” (“Or not”) describe different points of view two people can have in a relationship. Two completely different points of view. On one side, extreme happiness. On the other, extreme uncertainty about love.

But for some reason, that makes those two people stay together. All with the distinctive voice of Gisele, and the full-of-details arrangement from Apanhador Só.


Gisele De Santi on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www. Apanhador Só on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www.

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