Luiza Lian

Luiza Lian launched her solo work in 2015. Before she had already released an album with the group Noite Torta. But it is the solo work that the singer seems to be more at ease with.

The album, named after her, is simply amazing and full of psychedelic music references to the 1970s, Brazilian music, jazz, rock, and African culture.

“Chororô” is an extremely powerful song. Impossible not to be carried away by the exquisite playing of the guitar ensemble, and Luiza’s voice and interpretation. Perhaps to another dimension…

It is a song dedicated to Oxum, an Orisha of African-Brazilian religions that represents wisdom and the feminine power. The lyrics speaks of someone who is being purified by the waters of a waterfall. And cries, possibly to get rid of bad energy.

Luiza Lian released one of the most interesting records in Brazil in 2015.


Luiza Lian on www, Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram.

Photo: Amanda Amaral

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