Mahmed is a 4-piece band from the city of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. In 2013, they released the EP “Domínio das águas e dos céus”, which demonstrated what the group has to offer musically: a very experimental sound, full of textures.

In 2015, they finally released their proper debut album “Sobre a vida em comunidade” – available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp – which includes 9 instrumental songs that provide a beautiful journey for the listener.

The track “AaaaAAAaAaAaA” opens the album with a striking guitar riff. Before all the instruments begin to fill the song, it makes you think a bit – a perfect moment for introspection.

Directed by Pedro Galiza, the clip for this track shows the isolation of a group of people in a home for the elderly. But it also might be an inspiration to reflect a bit about your own life.


Mahmed on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr.

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