Mahmundi is the stage name of Marcela Vale from Rio de Janeiro. In 2012, she released her first EP, “Efeito das cores”. While the mood of the songs was tropical and dance-oriented, the follow-up EP “Setembro” was more intimate, poetic and even dingy.

Late last year, Mahmundi presented a new single “Sentimento”, which will appear on the next EP to be released in 2015. The song reveals an even more emotional and intimate attitude, influenced by R&B and electronic music. The lyrics have an exciting delicacy, highlighted by Mahmundi’s sweet and seemingly fragile voice. The single justly won in the category “New song” at the Prêmio Multishow.

Now a few weeks ago Mahmundi showed the clip for “Sentimento”, directed by Pablo Monaquezi. It’s a beautiful illustration for the poetic, introspective and minimalist mood of the song. Mahmundi’s been following a path we should certainly keep paying attention to.

Mahmundi on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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