Qinho recently released his third solo album, “Ímpar”. It’s the most experimental and bizarre record in the musician’s career, moving between pop-oriented music and innovative textures.

“O peso do meu coração” is a good summary of the album. The song’s structure walks the fine line between experimentalism and a radio hit. The chorus, more harmonious than the hard and dry beats of the opening verses, is the single’s highlight.

This balance is also present in the lyrics, describing both sides of a couple’s life. Some verses address the question of feelings, some deal with the reality which is often different from those feelings.

Directed by filmmaker and musician Rubel, the clip is based on a beautiful scenario that perfectly illustrates the song. The video stars Qinho and his wife, the actress Clara Maria, as well as their son, Vicente.

Maybe they try to tell us that in spite of all difficulties of living together, one should not abandon the happiness it gives.

You can stream “Ímpar” in its entirety on Soundcloud or download it here.


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