Rashid feat. Izzy Gordon

Rashid is a rapper from São Paulo who has released four mixtapes since 2010. He is now preparing to release his first official album, which is scheduled for early next year.

“A cena” (“The Scene”) is the first single from that upcoming album. It features the singer Izzy Gordon and DJ Mr. Brown. The instrumental part of the song is a very interesting rap-jazz mixture, while the lyrics address the issue of racism against the black people.

The song was inspired by an episode from Rashid’s teenage years, when he and some of his friends were stopped on the street by police officers, which was just one example of the abuse of police power that we see in the news around the world.

Directed by Levi Vatavuk, the clip goes beyond this question and shows the abuse of power also in other manifestations. In workplace, at home, on the streets, and social prejudice influenced by financial status. The images are very strong. And necessary for us to reflect.

At the end of the song, the singer Izzy Gordon asks a question that can be translated as:

What did we do to you mister
Apart from being born with this color?
And to smile beautifully
to our friend pain?


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