Brodka was among the very first artists we presented when beehype started two years ago. Now she’s back with a great new single announcing her international debut, “Clashes”.

After the success of her previous record, “Granda”, released in 2010, and three intense years of promotion and live shows that followed, Brodka felt she needs a break to “leave, breathe, and think what now,” as she said in a just-published interview with “Gazeta Magnetofonowa“.

She moved to New York, where she would spend evenings just with a guitar, recording new ideas on her phone and trying to concentrate on songs rather than sounds for as long as possible. Those early demos seemed like blank pages “you can do everything with: make it an electronic chart-topper or an orchestral piece,” she said.

Eventually, church organs is the instrument you’ll frequently hear on “Clashes”, Brodka’s fourth studio effort, but her proper international debut and the first one written entirely in English.

“Horses” is the first single off this upcoming record, set to be released May 13th via Play It Again Sam. She recorded this song between Poland and the US with the Noah Georgeson, a producer who worked with Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom among others.

While it might be about getting lost in the dark with “no guru that will take me home”, this captivating, even mystical song actually suggests Brodka knows exactly where she is, and where she wants to take us.


Photo: Yulka Wilam

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