A hymn to the capital of Poland sung in English and with a French title?

“Varsovie” is one of the catchiest songs we heard on the Polish airwaves in recent years, and the biggest hit of a young singer-songwriter Monika Brodka yet.

A winner of our local “Idol” TV show when she was just 16, Brodka won universal acclaim a few years later with her 2010 third studio album, “Granda”. It delighted critics and went platinum (twice), followed by years of intense touring.

In 2012, she recorded a mini-album “LAX” in Red Bull studios in Los Angeles together with a renowned producer Bartosz Dziedzic. The EP included just two songs, “Varsovie” and “Dancing Shoes” – with some extra versions – but what songs those were.

With the video for the first of those tracks, directed by Antoni Nykowski, Brodka “fell in love with the city”, and the country fell in love with her.


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