Buenas Noches

Buenas Noches (Good nights) is the solo project of Colombian singer songwriter Pablo Escallón, leader of Planes (Estudios Universales), a band we first introduced in 2014 and that’s been on hiatus due to Escallón’s journey to México.

Earlier this year, Escallón surprised us with his new project and a collaboration with Colombian newcomer Ela Minus, on a song called “Cazú (Minas de Sal)”, a new depiction of his infatuation with new wave revival, pop with darker tones and dance vibes.

A few weeks ago, Buenas Noches released his second single, the catchy “El Cielo” (The Sky). This time around, the definite depiction of his quest in México. A song in which the main character leaves his hometown and lover to find better reasons to live.

During the journey, he catches a tropical virus, joins a cult and rediscovers human nature, to finally feel the missing of the loving one and finding himself on his way back home. This adventure-like narrative is accompanied by glimpses of nostalgia, Andean sounds and exuberant beats.

Luckily, this story will have a happy ending and sooner or later we’ll be getting new music from Escallón’s Buenas Noches and former band Planes, we’ll keep you abreast.


Buenas Noches on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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