It’s almost 15 years since Nasekomix started their career, but they are still an independent band, and their sound remains as young and natural as in their early days.

If you live outside of Bulgaria, the biggest chance you could have heard about the Sofia-based group is if you are… a cinema freak. Two of their songs were featured in “Eastern Plays“, the acclaimed debut film by Kamen Kalev’s. It made them a common guest at film festivals, including the famous one in Cannes.

Their new video “New Time Comes” (“Идва ново време”) comes from their first new album in five years titled “Giants and Dwarves” (“Великани и джуджета”). The whole record is dedicated to “the invisible world outside and inside of us,” and you can hear this the clear, intimate, even fragile vocals of Andronia Popova.

There are at least three reasons why the video is filled with (micro) nature imagery. First, the clip’s director – and the brother of the group’s guitar player – recorded this video while he was “shooting an action movie production in the beautiful Bulgarian nature,” as the band explains.

Second, the vocals have been recorded in the magnificent Rhodope Mountains. And finally, the band’s name comes from two Bulgarian words, “nasekomo” and “komix.” While you’ll easily understand the latter one, “nasekomo” means “insect.”


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