A young singer-songwriter from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, Raja has Palestinian roots and both countries’ cultures are just a little part of her rich background and inspirations.

In her music, you’re more likely to hear songwriting legends from the States, but even if Raja follows the steps of her heroes, she’s far more original and unique in it than most of her peers from English-speaking scenes.

The live video below from “I’m With The Band” sessions by 12 Magazine shows she’s also a charismatic performer, keeping you absorbed throughout the clip even though she’s just accompanied by Iliyana Georgieva on cello and Peter Trifonov on electric guitar.

Still in the beginning of her career, Raja is most certainly still to fully demonstrate her songwriting and performing talent, and hopefully her global inspirations will be met with a global response to her music.


Raja on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook.

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