Electronic producer Bulp come back from year-long “Hiatus” with “punchy beat and surgically precise percussions “.

“Hiatus” is a short and quite simple electronic track that’s been already included in our spring playlist, but it has sticked to us for the last three months and certainly deserves a separate mention.

It will certainly delight fans of Radiohead especially from the “Kid A” / “Amnesiac” / “Hail to the Thief” era, and after a few bars you might expect Thom Yorke’s vocals to come out. But instead, new layers keep building on the main groove, a great one by the way.

“Hiatus”, contrary to its title, is Bulp’s comeback after his first full-length album “Yrsa” released in April 2017, which also featured a couple of guest singers.

This time Bulp decided to record something with a “harder sound based on synths, punchy beat and surgically precise percussions acts as an antipole to the organic and melodic work” from his debut LP.


Bulp on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud.

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