Combination of clubbing and soothing electronic music ideal for headphones listening.

It’s been three years since their latest release and Bulp are back with a new EP “Parvin”. The band continues in their tradition of using a female name for its title. Parvin is of a Persian origin used in the Middle East and Bulp are bringing (not only) vocal samples from this region on the new release.

Don’t expect world music though. The 5-track EP is more of a combination of clubbing and soothing music and brings two vocal and three instrumental tracks. Music ideal for listening on your headphones locked in your own universe or as a fraction of an audience in a music venue as well. You decide whether you let it occupy your mind or let it go completely through your body and veins.

The title song “Auri” inspired by a newly born daughter was accompanied by an impressive video. An interesting thing about Bulp is that unlike with many other electronic musical duos we hear both Samo and Jana on vocals.

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