Ca Hoi Hoang

On their new third album, Vietnamese indie rock group Ca Hoi Hoang offer us a “Gap” to think – but then tell us to hurry with what we’ve discovered.

Founded around five years ago, the quartet Ca Hoi Hoang – consisting of Thanh (vocals, guitars), Ming (backing vocals, guitars), Pome (guitars) and Dat (bass) in their core, though playing with guests on stage – is one of the country’s most prominent alternative bands.

With their previous two albums, they have been steadily building recognition among the local public, and now Ca Hoi Hoang have just returned from a short tour around Vietnam, during which they were presenting their just-released third full-length work called “Gap”.

While this title has a couple of meaning for the band, one of them is actually the English “gap”, the moments of silence, time to think. But in Vietnamese, “Gap” tells you to “hurry”. With these opposites, this new effort seems like an impulse to grow up, and you can also hear this in their mellow, somehow sentimental, but fresh music.

If you happen to live in Vietnam but you missed their recent shows – there’s one more coming on the New Year’s Eve. Otherwise, we can recommend you to check out their new 10-track in its entirety.

Stream “Gap” LP on Spotify.


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