Ca Hoi Hoang

Here’s a release Vietnamese rock fans have been waiting for, and just like you could expect – Cá Hồi Hoang didn’t disappoint them!

“Hiệu Ứng Trốn Chạy”, which could be translated as “The Runaway Effect”, is the band’s fourth full-length album and a follow-up to their fantastic 2017 release “Gấp“.

It’s a very diverse album. Among the 15 songs, you’ll find anything from straightfoward pop rock to alternative to psychedelia (on “Bin”). Or there’s a pure retro-pop single “5AM” we wrote about earlier this year, which was also their first video recorded in a proper studio. Until now, it’s been streamed almost 800 thousand times and you can expect it to break million soon.

A few weeks ago, they releaased another official single for “Acid8”, a more ambiguous 5-minute song accompanied by a video with Thành Luke as the director.

As a whole, “Hiệu Ứng Trốn Chạy” is a story about a boy named Bin and a girl named Maru, which starts at 4:59 AM. It is also the first album Cá Hồi Hoang have made that’s anything close to a concept album, and I dare say this is their best album so far!

And if you plan to visit Vietnam in the next few weeks, be sure to see them live.

Stream “Hiệu Ứng Trốn Chạy” LP on Spotify.


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