Café Tacvba

Perhaps one of the most famous Mexican bands around the world is precisely Café Tacvba.

After a long career of almost 30 years making music, they are back with a new material. The characteristic voice of their singer Rubén Albarrán is part of the experience of hearing Café Tacvba’s songs.

But in the same way that happens with bands similar in importance, every member of the group (Joselo Rangel, Quique Rangel and Emmanuel del Real) injected a piece of his talent to make every song more than just a sound experience.

Café Tacvba takes low risks in comparison with what they’ve done in older albums, but that’s no something against the first single of their upcoming album, because when you listen to “Un par de lugares” the first impression is of course happiness and talent. The group knows precisely how to explode their sound, no matter what. They know they work and they know how to do it good and right.

As part of the promotion of the album that they will release anytime in the first half of 2017, Café Tacvba premiered a music video in which we can enjoy the Mexican surfer champion Leila Takeda, which beauty and talent match perfect in the also elegant and portentous Nayarit, Mexico, beaches.


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