Çağıl Kaya

If you have good memory, you may remember that we first introduced Çağıl Kaya nearly two years ago. Now it is time to remind you about her again!

Çağıl released her second album “Şimdilik Her Şey Yolunda” (“For Now Everything Is OK”) this June on the A. K. Music label, and it is a totally great work.

Her first album, “Bir Parça Ay Biraz Kuş“, was also an exceptional work both for general Turkish music and Turkish jazz scene. And with her second record, she takes the quality of all details even higher. You can see it in the lyrics, music, arrangements, musicians, artwork, video – I mean really in every detail related with this album.

There are 2 covers and 6 composition in the album. One of the covers is a legendary Turkish jazz standard named “Ve Ben Yalnız”, and the other is “Deli” is from a Turkish rock band named Mor ve Ötesi, which they played on Eurovision in the name of Turkey in nearly 10 years ago. All other songs are products of Çağıl’s brilliant mind and great musicians that played with her: Cem Aksel (drums), Ercüment Orkut (piano), Matthew Hall (bass), Eylül Biçer (guitars) and Tamer Temel (sax).

When we come to “Ne Zaman Ölsem” (“Whenever I Die”), which is also the opening song of the album, we will not only face a very artistic song but we’ll also see a great video directed by Barış Hancıoğulları. We can see how two different disciplines of art come together and make a stronger piece from all perspectives.

I strongly recommend you to listen this great album (it would be better to listen to both of her albums), and meet with the themes of death, pressure of Istanbul, darkness of politics in Turkey, chaos, hurry, and many more…

Stream “Şimdilik Her Şey Yolunda” on Spotify.


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