Dengue Fever

Almost 15 years into their career, it’s still difficult to describe Dengue Fever’s impossible sound mixture. In some magic way the Los Angeles collective has managed to combine half a century old Cambodian pop with 60s/70s California psychedelia, without losing anything from any of these worlds.

Led by the Khmer-singing Chhom Nimol (a daughter of Cambodian folk singers who came to the US at the turn of the century), the group has already recorded five studio albums. The latest one, “The Deepest Lake”, came out earlier this year and includes the charming single “Tokay”.

Named after a South-East Asian gecko whose voice young people in Cambodia consider the best prophecy for theil love life, “Tokay” juggles classic cartoon scenes. Somehow appropriately to their kaleidoscopic music, which would equally suit the next Quentin Tarantino movie, a retro western, or Bill Murray’s “Broken Flowers” mixtape.


Photo credit: Marc Walker/Dengue Fever

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