Camila Moreno

“Esta rebelión”, sings Camila Moreno in her latest video dedicated to the recent social explosion in Chile.

“Quememos el reino” (“Burn the kingdom”) is Camila Moreno’s new video that relates to the current social outbreak in Chile. The song will be included on a political album she is working on, which is based on the material Camila presented during the last commemoration of the Women’s Day on March 8.

The single is a feminist song, also a reflection on belonging to the land and paganism, and on the other hand on the fact that politics, philosophy and love are totally intertwined. As for the sound, it is a mixture of many things, some that remain in the rock code with the Radiohead aesthetic, but it also incorporates a lot of pop.

The images of “Quememos el reino” are inspired by street fighting, violence, an element present in what has been happeninig in Chile since October.


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