Can Güngör

Enjoy beautiful new music from Can Güngör as much as we do.

After five years, Can Güngör shared his second longplay “Sular Dar” at the end of April. Although there are a few singles in the album that have appeared in the past years and since the beginning of this year, there are many brand new tracks on it as well. I’m talking about a masterpiece including fifteen songs!

Just like the “Silik Düşler” album, which was his first LP, it will be listened for many years. The details of another song will be noticed during every listening, and this album will obviously have an important place in our lives as the soundtrack of many scenes and emotions, just like Can’s first LP.

Here you can also watch “Sesini Ver”, the first video of the album, directed by Zeynep Aslanoba and colored by Elif Tekneci. In the animation, you will see animals meet and dance with each other in a way that makes you happy.

I hope you listen to this album many times, take your time to explore the stories in it, and enjoy this beautiful music as much as I do.

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