Can Güngör

If I was a composition teacher in conservatory, this song would get the highest grade possible.

Singer-songwriter Can Güngör was shortly mentioned on beehype 3 years ago, before his debut album. And today is the time to make that mentioning longer for one of the most inspiring music man of the Turkish music scene.

He was known as musician, a very special drummer, arranger and producer before his first album “Silik Düşler”, which came out in 2015, just after Can released two of this album’s songs as an EP. With his first record, all these adjectives and tags to describe him got bigger and deeper in meaning. He played all instruments, he composed all songs, he sang them and he arranged them in a great way to create an immortal album for archives.

After his first LP, in a period of 3 years he released one single named “Yalnız Ölmek” in 2016 and now “Teselli”, which is the reason why I’m writing this post. “Teselli” is a very progressive piece, it has different parts which invite you to the inner loop of the song. Guitar riffs, drums, bas, vocal melody, then choir… Then you realise that you played the song in an infinite loop mode.

If I was a composition teacher in conservatory, this song would get the highest grade possible. It is hard to describe it fully, that’s why you should better listen and decide yourself, and create your own ideas about it.

Another beautiful part of “Teselli” is that it’s the messenger of Can Güngör’s second LP, which will probably be released before this year ends. Like “Teselli”, his upcoming album is also being recorded in his own studio at Kadıköy, which probably makes them more special for Can and his audience. It is hard to wait till it comes out, but “Teselli” is our consolation. Ironically, “Teselli” means consolation in Turkish.

It is great to witness such a big music man of this era in Turkish music scene, and these kind of beauties give us a chance to hold on to life in today’s Turkey.


Photo: Mustafa Cankaya

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