Can Kazaz

Can Kazaz is a well known name for anyone who’s been observing the independent / alternative music scene in Turkey for last five years.

Since 2012, he has released lots of material both in the LP and EP format, which showed us what a hard-working man he is, in a way.

Recently, he released a new song named “Yine mi Sen İstanbul” (“Is it you again, İstanbul?”). In contrast to his previous works, which he produced generally alone and which are present a more independent recording understanding, this single is more “produced” – let’s say. And there is a very nice website just about this single, telling us the story of the song – from the creation to the recording.

Now forget about the recording and the story of the song and just click the play button to hear this beautiful song – and watch it’s beautiful video. You will not only feel the soft power of Can’s original and naive voice, but you will also feel the beauty of the musical arrangement and the progress of the song from the beginnig to the end.

Maybe without seeing it, you can feel the pressure of Istanbul over yourself.


Can Kazaz on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, www.

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