Can Ozan

If you need a “loop song” to help you relax your mind and turn your mood into a chill-out mode, I have an offer for you: Can Ozan’s “Öyle Kolay Aşık Olmam”. In the video you will also see and hear another beautiful voice from Damla Eker.

I mentioned Can Ozan’s name before, in my post about Sedef Sebutekin. Because Can is the name to mention. I mean if he is in a song in any way – as an instrumentalist, composer or arranger – you will feel his touch. When you listen “Öyle Kolay Aşık Olmam”, you will understand what I mean, and the idea will be clarified if you keep listening to more songs from him or related to him.

In “Öyle Kolay Aşık Olmam”, you will feel very clear loops both in rhythm, guitar riffs, bass and synths. When Can starts to sing, he also joins the song as another loop layer without irritating your ears. Then Damla also adds another, softer layer over all others. And that harmony of all starts to relax your brain with every turn.

Can has already released two LPs, “Delirmiyorsan Tebrikler” in 2015 and “Derleme” in 2017. But he has also released many singles and was part of many songs as a guest or featured star. To sum up, that’s nice to see a young musician who keeps producing such good music on international level.

I also want to mention Lokal, that’s a brand new project which combines local musicians with local places at the same time. If you visit their YouTube channel, you will see and hear two more songs from Can Ozan. The crew of Lokal is an experienced team – some of them we already know from Sofar Istanbul.


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