Sometimes 1+1 becomes 3 and when you add this beautiful video to Canigou’s soundscape it creates something bigger and better.

It can only be desribed as a piece of art from the visual maker Hideki Inaba and the sound maker-duo Canigou. They are close to us on beehype as we have put them on display before, but then the song was about love.

With “Tape”, they zoom out from ties between husband and wife and put the lights on the whole origin and continuation of life. “All living things are connected. Not only our species are special” is the message and the visuals aproves that.

I don’t think we should describe this masterpiece further, just watch it and figure out your own place in a system of eternity. Anyhow, you can just enjoy another great atmosperic tune from Stockholm-based duo Emma and Richard Lindström


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