Authentic South American sound with an idyllic mood and winks to the dancefloor.

Canoa is a duet formed by Antúnez brothers: Ale y Charly. They were born in Misiones, Argentinean province which borders with Paraguay and Brazil. They’re now based in La Plata, algid spot in the national indie scene.

The result of this geographic mixture is Litoraleña music (root music from that North-East region of the country full of jungles, also home to Iguazú Falls)​ ​with synths and lyrics about love and nature. An authentic South American sound with an idyllic revisionist stance and winks to the dancefloor.

In 2015, Canoa published their self-titled debut, comprised of six songs. Now, they instead adopt the single format to publish their songs, as “Kodama” and “No dispares”. Their latest release is “En la arqueza”, a song about the first love in the not-forgotten childhood.

In the videoclip for this single, they combine the urban and the nature once again, between real shots and paintings.


Canoa on Facebook, Bandcamp.

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