Carne Doce

Carne Doce’s self-titled album was one of this year’s biggest surprises in Brazil’s music.

Combining nostalgia, sensitivity and authenticity, the group’s material carries a strong emotional charge – which is mostly the result Salma Jô’s imposing and intense vocals. Giving up her soul to the songs, she delivers beautiful performances.

While “Passivo” is a sexy and provocative track itself, its video consists of images from the book “Erotica Universalis” by the historian Gilles Néret, who has brought together erotic art of all times – from Antiquity to the Modern Age.

You can stream “Carne Doce” in its entirety on Soundcloud and YouTube – or download the album from the band’s official website. Carne Doce are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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