Carolina Camacho (Q&A)

Listening to her recent single, you wouldn’t guess Carolina Camacho comes from the classical and theatre territory. Electronic music combines here with improvisation, Afro-Caribbean tradition and more.

This mixture is so hard to explain that we’ve decided to ask this Dominican artist to explain it herself. Here’s what she told us:

“Aire Libertad” was born one afternoon during an improvisation with the Loop Station. I created the whole song without a pause. First the voices. Then the main melody. And the lyrics that turned out to be about detachment from the material world and a re-union with nature throughout the most pure and ancestral roots of our culture: Taíno.

When I finished the song and heard it for the first time, I realized it was a taíno chant. Some kind of a trance with a message. A song with ceremonial aspects that made me feel as if I was celebrating the Areíto or Cohoba rite.

During the proper recording of “Aire Libertad”, I tried to keep the song as close as possible to what I created with the Loop Station in order to maitain that magic. For me, this track is the most connected one to the concept of “Atabey”, my first EP.


You can hear “Atabey” on Spotify. Carolina is also on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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