Carolina Nissen

A gorgeous mini-travelogue from the Chilean singer-songwriter.

Carolina Nissen’s “Bosque” has to be one of the most underrated albums released last year. Filled with charming melodies, delightful arrangements and uplifting atmosphere, it’s a true – if somewhat unacknowledged – gem.

Lovely. That’s the word that probably best describes it.

Recently, Nissen released a video to “No resultó,” one of the songs off the album. Shot far away from her hometown of Valdivia, it depicts the singer-songwriter skating through Hamburg, Germany, and showcases many of its locations.

And the song itself? It’s lovely. Driven by a sing-along melody, with marvelously odd drumming and some hand-clapping thrown in the mix, it’s immediately infectious, providing a strong incentive to get acquainted with her music.

Stream “Bosque” on YouTube.


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