Casker (캐스커)

If the ‘mellow’ side of South Korean electronic music had a patron, that most certainly would be the duo Casker.

Electronic music is prospering in South Korea nowadays, regardless of mainstream and underground scene. Back in early 2000s, it was still the genesis of digitally made music in the country.

Casker (캐스커), originally started as solo project of Junoh Lee, built monumental achievement in South Korean early electronic scene with his 2003 debut album “철갑혹성” (The Planet Built with Steel).

Warm and jovial lounge/techno music captivated young electronic fans who hadn’t hear this kind of music before. Since then, Casker has represented the ‘mellow’ side of South Korean electronic music.

Now acting as a duo of producer Junoh Lee and vocal Yoongjinn Lee, they skillfully blend bossa nova, chillout, disco and other soothing sound into their expressive journey. And still, they remain as the significant role player in the nation’s electronic music.

Their sound has not changed much since the debut, but it doesn’t imply that they are ‘outdated’ or ‘dull’. Rather, the layer inside their music has been amassed to stimulate one’s sentiment peel by peel.

“AM 01:00” (새벽 한 시). the latest single from the duo, is the proof for that sophistication. Overlapping drum loops blink like drowsy sadness we confront in quiet night, and Yoongjin’s vocal gracefully encircles the sentimental atmosphere in entire track.

Some successful musicians just repeat their success only to strip out the brilliant aspect they once had before. For Casker, that wouldn’t be the case.

Although not entirely progressive, they ‘progress’ themselves into much more delicate air that can be created by music. That is why the duo are proudly embellished with following phrase: “The Machine-Made Music with Heart”.


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