Cazzu is the stage name of Julieta Cazzuchelli, an Argentinean singer who, at her 25 years old, is the main female exponent of the local trap scene.

She was born in Jujuy, a province in the northern part of the country, which borders Bolivia and Chile. She studied film and then moved to Buenos Aires, where her musical career started. At the very beginning, she played cumbia (Juli K was her cumbia moniker) and in rock bands, but without success. When she found a steady job, she saved money and started to produce and record her own songs and videos with reggaeton and hip-hop vibes.

The first recordings under the name Cazzu were published in 2017 and immediately gained attention from her colleagues: she was invited to join “Loca”, a smash hit with Khea and Duki. Right now, its video has 407 million views and was the first step to the international recognition of the Argentinian trap scene (for example, it was remixed by Bad Bunny). She continued publishing singles and collaborating with many other local artists.

This year, she published “Error 93” (a wink to her birth year), her second album. The opener, “Visto a las 00:00” (Spanish for “Seen at 00:00”) is one of the poppiest and catchiest song she has ever written.

With 14m streams on Spotify, the song quickly found its way into her old and new audience. As she declares in a Genius feature, the song is “a healthy apology, honestly recognizing all the bad and also acknowledging that I am apologizing but I am not forcing you to stay with me.” A plea to an ex lover to start it all over, assuming her own mistakes.

Once the album finishes its 10 songs, it’s impossible not to start it all over again just to hear this song once more.

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