Ceci Bastida

If you ask me about the Mexican rock music history, one of the groups that I have to mention is Tijuana No! Based in Tijuana, a large city situated between the United States and Mexico, the band used to capture the complexity and richness of the Mexican-American culture mix. But with Tijuana No! now only in the past, I’ll tell you about one of their lead singers – Ceci Bastida.

Ceci was born in Tijuana, where living is not easy, and violence and hunger are everyday things. Working in that environment, she managed to give us sounds that trascend the simple act of listening to music. A formidable mixture of English and Spanish influences,

More than 15 years on the scene learned her how to lead small concerts with the same quality as perfomances at big festivals – like the Mexican Vive Latino, one of the biggest rock events in Latin America. And as she always preferred an independent career, Ceci’s as much an artist as a manager.

At the moment, she’s promoting her latest album, “La edad de la violencia”. A collection of songs by an artist who’s also a mother and a citizen concerned about the condition of both Mexico and the United States. Yet she wants to show us that you can find peace, love, and of course so much beauty in both countries.

“Una vez más” (One more time) is the latest single off “La edad de la violencia”. A beautiful song with so much heart in it that it will crumble all of your bones even if you don’t understand the lyrics. Trumpets and percussions make us think about a military march, but it’s rather a hymn for peace and love. Weapons are no match for music. Ceci Bastida knows it – and she shows us how to do it.


You can join Ceci’s march on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and on her official website.

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