Ceejay Sagarino

Through her intimate indie-pop, Ceejay Sagarino has been sharing her observations of the world’s natural and interpersonal peculiarities for a few years now.

After a long break, the Davao City-based singer-songwriter  recently shared a new track called “Sunshine (Alo)”, which could actually be her best song yet. As the first taste of Ceejay’s new record – after her 2014 EP “Disconnect” – the song brings full, rich sound and the kind of catchiness that’s an invitation rather than imposition.

“I just want you to be happy and have happy dreams while you’re with me,” she sings in this low-key love song. Clearly thinking about somebody particular, she’s probably not even aware she’s the one to “light up my day” and “a gift from above” for a growing crowd of listeners.


Photo credit: Amelia Rose Baird

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