What started as an experiment, ended up as one of the most successful and interesting music projects in Mexico.

I’m referring to Centavrvs (pronounced of course as Centaurus), a music band that explored the idea of combining traditional and modern local sounds. With the celebrations of the centenary of the Mexican Revolution as their pretext, Centavrvs started their own story with this mix of past, present and future.

Rayo, Alan Santos, Paco Martínez and Demián Gálvez a few weeks ago premiered their new single “El punto final”. The song started in the United States, where – as part of their concerts – the good luck and providence matched them with Argentinian producer Tweety, and the Latino website Remezcla. This led them to a recording studio in New York.

In an interview I had with Centavvrs, they told me the idea of “El punto final” was to bring back “the (Mexican) salsa movement of the 70s, but as if mixed in the future”.

For the song, they also involved Mexican trombonist Rey David Alejandre, who is well known for his talent – also clear in “El punto final”.

This single is the first step of a new Centavrvs, a group that exploded with the tremendous success of 2014’s “Sombras de oro” (see our Best of 2014). If you want to know how modern Mexican music sounds, Centavrvs is definitively the right choice.


Photo: Hailing Wang

Centavrvs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud.

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