Polyrhythms, polyphonic voices, and mind-boggling synths from Tokyo’s acclaimed alternative trio Cero.

Stemming from western Tokyo, the trio Cero (Contemporary Exotica Rock Orchestra) has many supporting members. This is the reason why their musicality seems completely different on each album.

For example, the supporting guitarist and percussionist Baku Furukawa (古川麦) may add Japanese folk or Brazilian taste to their sound. And the new keyboard player Tomomi Oda (小田朋美) loves Beethoven and Chopin’s classic music.

Cero’s 4th LP “Poly Life Multi Soul” came out in May, and it got to the number one position on Japan’s daily national chart. You can watch the polyrhythmical lead single off this album, called “Floating on Water” (in Japanese “Sakana no Hone, Tori no Hane” – or “Fish bone, Bird wings”).

In an interview with Natalie, they said: “When we’re performing live, we can add more rhythms furthermore, and the audience can dance in their own rhythms, feel free.”

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