Červen is a Prague based math-rock duo consisting of drummer Pavel Ryska and guitarist Stepan Drbohlav.

While math-rock may not be the most popular genre these days, Červen is successfully combining its distinctive savage, ultra fast riffs and drum rhytms with bursts of heavy guitar, post-rock atmosphere and catchy melodies.

The band recently released their second three-song EP simply called “EP”, together with a video for their first single “Hit No. 3”. The video features a footage from a 1970 Chinese ballet movie called “The Red Detachment Of Women”.

The clip perfectly sums up the beauty and energy hidden in the uniformity and precision of every note Červen hit. You wouldn’t believe how much sounds and rhytms can fit in one song!

Červen just came back from the tour with an American band Yowie and they’re occasionally gigging in Prague.

Stream “EP” on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Červen on Facebook.

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