C'est Karma

Modulating synths and silvery vocals from C’est Karma.

Luxembourg-based singer-songwriter C’est Karma released her first track in 2020 in support of International Women’s Day, along with the music video for it. “Girls” is the title of the new single and like her previous one, it is an absolute pleasure for the senses.

We’re greeted with a modulating synth followed by her silvery vocals she has always been known for. From here, her signature acoustic guitar picking opens up the rest of the rest track, leaving plenty of space for the bass synth. It’s all punctuated and brought home by the shuffle in the drum groove.

C’est Karma’s lyrics have a depth and poignancy to them that leaves us with a message to decipher after song ends.


C’est Karma on Instagram, Facebook.

Photo: Martins Goldbergs

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