One of the most interesting singers who emerged in Brazilian music in the last decade, Céu recently released her fourth studio album titled “Tropix”.

This new work is as if the São Paulo singer entered literally in a new phase in her career. That’s artistically exciting because Céu seems to be constantly in search of new musical proposals.

“Tropix” ​​is an album with night atmosphere. All simple and beautiful, mixing MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) with 21st century global pop and its nice beats.

The first single from this record, “Perfume do invisível”, presents a summary overview of all the new material – and maybe that’s why the song was chosen as an introduction to “Tropix”.

While the music will leave you quiet, it can also ask you to dance. Quite matching the lyrics, which introduce a character who feels invisible to somebody very close, but then eventually gets noticed.

The video for “Perfume do invisível”, a nice work in black-and-white, was directed by Esmir Filho. Taking us through several breaks and visual noise, it follows the concept of the entire work.


You can stream “Tropix” in its entirety on YouTube.

Céu on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.

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