Ceyl'an Ertem

Let me introduce you with one of Turkey’s most touchy voices and one of the most hard-working musician of the scene: Ceyl’an Ertem.

This year she released her 5th solo album: “Yine de Amin“. With an aim to catch impressive sound of 70s and 80s’ Turkish music, she recorded this material live and arranged it with some references to those day’s songs. Also some important musicians of this era joined her on this album, and the recording sessions were held in a concert hall in Gaziantep, a south eastern city of Turkey.

Ceyl’an has made all five (great) albums her own way, and she’s also built her own audience who get used to the way she evolves. She gives too many concerts and she always has something to say about things going on in Turkey. She is not a schizoid musician, she is fed by the things around her and you can see the footprints of those things in her music very well.

The opening song of the album, “Efsunlu Dünya” is about the human’s puzzle – like wiseness and cruelty at the same time. It is also the first video off this new record, directed by Hasan Kuyucu. The song is like a requiem, but it sill holds some hope inside. I know you can feel it without understanding the lyrics.

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