There is something very peculiar about the 22-year-old from Oslo who suddenly captured a whole population when releasing the song “Vi er perfekt men verden er ikke det” (“We are perfect but the world is not”) back in June.

It somehow felt as if every 20-year-old-something, no matter what background and social status, sang along to the tune, while sipping their alcoholic beverage, preparing to hit the first and best club on a Saturday night. There was something melancholic and spot on about the lyrics that seemed to resonate with the people who naturally are quite similar to Cezinando himself. He gave words to the feelings most introverted and conflicted Norwegians struggle to express.

When world-touring, Norwegian artist Astrid S covered the song on national radio, Cezinando filmed himself crying in joy because he thought it was so beautiful and people in the usually rather dark and cold capital of Norway seemed to be a little bit more okay with exactly that: showing feelings. Music is about expression and Cezinando shared something that feels highly intimate and extremely common at the same time.

The album “Noen ganger og andre” (“Sometimes and others”) is a beautifully portrayed cliché of the contemporary and a gift to everyone who loves romanticising those big, evolving feelings of being young, impulsive and sometimes naive – aka. any young adult trying to find their way in life. By sharing songs describing situations of feeling alone, he made everyone else feel like they were not. And to everyone who thinks I might be biased being a 20-year-old-something myself, I will say this: I actually found Cezinando’s album with several favorited songs on my dad’s iTunes a couple of months ago.


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