Chancha Via Circuito & El Búho

Downtempo electronica meets Andean music in this collaboration connecting Argentina and England.

Argentinian musician Chancha vía Circuito and his English colleague El Búho join forces for the very first time for a collaborative release on its own. “Pleamar” is a collection of four tracks combining downtempo electronic with Andean music. It’s quiet music, ideal to play while getting lost to the tide of contemplative thoughts.

Both of them, each in his own way, made it into the world music scene. Pedro Canale (aka Chancha via Circuito) is widely known as one of the “Argentinian indie for export” pioneers. His remix of a classic song of our folklore was featured in “Breaking Bad” and that had a huge impact. He tours regularly across the world and, unfortunately, he’s much better known outside his country.

Robin Perkins, who releases music as El Búho, was born in England but has a nomadic soul: among other places, he has lived in Buenos Aires and Ciudad de México, absorbing some of the Latin roots. They’ve been friends for some years now, and they collaborated previously in a track included in “Ramas“, the latest album by El Búho.

The migrant sounds of “Pleamar” take us to different landscapes. We’re transported to jungles, forests, as we get immersed in our thoughts and in the moving ocean.

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