Changing Faces

Slovak drum and bass producer Changing Faces released her latest EP “Shadows” late September on British Spearhead Records (Hybrid Minds, BCee).

Ema Vašková listened to hip hop and was always into creative fields like fine arts. The young talent found her self-realization in drum and bass. If you want to know why she fell for this genre, then High Contrast’s music is to blame. Changing Faces was only 15 when she started producing music.

Since then Changing Faces managed to play at important multigenre and dnb festivals, won a national award as a newcomer of 2017, started her own radio show, made a guest mix for BBC Radio One’s René LaVice show and released a number of EPs and singles. Quite an accomplishment for a 22 year old who talks about herself as an introvert.

The latest EP “Shadows” includes 4 tracks, my favourite one would be “Waves”, for those who can’t imagine a tune without vocals, “At Dawn” with Roxi Yung could be that one.

On top of all she’s achieved, Changing Faces is also one of those artists that use their impact and social media to share non-music topics like mental health awareness too.

Stream “Shadows” EP on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


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