Charlie Lim

Taken off his acclaimed “TIME/SPACE” double EP, “Conspiracy” was one of Charlie Lim’s first adventurous attempts to break out beyond his neo-soul and folk roots.

But even while he incorporates inspired electronic elements and fresh production contexts for his croon here, Charlie is still grounded by his love for rhythm and blues, neatly folding his past passions and future ambitions into one.

This accompanying music video features quirky and surreal imagery directed by renowned Singaporean visual artist Lenne Chai. A metaphor for Charlie’s alienation with the music industry, Lenne’s 1950s’ science fiction take on the track is just as clever as the singer’s lyrical turns of phrase.

There are many levels to appreciate here, and that isn’t at all unusual when it comes anything Charlie Lim does at the moment.

Stream “TIME/SPACE” here.


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