Charlotte Dos Santos

As the millennial I am, I grew up listening to soul acts such as Destiny’s Child and TLC and dreamed of becoming as sassy as Ashanti and powerful as Brandy.

Most of my teenage years I spent in my room, singing every single Alicia Keys song that was released to the date (this is not a joke, name one Alicia Keys song from pre 2010 and I’ll sing it to you flawlessly). Growing up in a country very far from having any old soul, R&B or hip hop tradition I always wondered why no Norwegian acts made soul inspired music.

Charlotte Dos Santos has fixed that problem. Listening to her music takes me back to my teenage years when I dreamed about becoming an adult so I could finally go to Brooklyn and watch underground soul acts in hard-to-find-pubs that most likely will shut down within a month or two. Charlotte Dos Santos sounds nothing like any Norwegian music that has ever been made before. She sounds like a revolutionised Erykah Badu that will never get out of fashion. Listen to “Move On” and imagine you are exactly where you want to be.


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