We’ve never heard anyone like Moroccan composer, producer, multiinstrumentalist and singer CHEB.

Cheeb says he makes post-Chaabi, a modern incarnation of folk (literal meaning of the word) from North Africa, or actually a mix of more danceable styles you might hear at a festival or wedding in Morocco, Algeria or Egypt.

If you ask us, Cheeb simply makes fascinating, unpredictable music, and once you watch one of his videos you’ll keep waiting for more – along with hundreds of thousands of his followers not only in the region.

While awe-inspiring singles are his trademark, he’s also released a couple of longplays, most recently “Sma’ Balak” at the start of this year. And then he’s kept sharing incredible videos like “A B C D” or “P”.

A few weeks ago we got another knockout called “T A O U S”, once again showing his ability to play with rhythms, words, and syllables. It shouldn’t really be a problem if you don’t understand the lyrics. It might actually be better. “If the police were educated to understand what you’re saying,” wrote one YouTube commenter, “they would pull your hair”.


C H E B on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Bandcamp.

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